From the Farmers Market-

"I see Art every Saturday morning if he is not too busy catering a wedding or some big wine bash. Every Saturday he puts two special containers of pasta aside for my two boys Zachary & Nicholas. A Saturday isn't complete without Art's pasta."

Nicole R., Santa Rosa

Dear Pasta King,

The Pasta King Pesto is the best. And so is the Past King! When I'm older, I'll be working in his booth at the Fair!

Amanda M., age: 13

From the Farmers Market-

"The Pasta King has always been a big part of our community at St. Eugenes. No matter how many people show up at the pasta feeds there is always enough food and a very smooth service.

As an Irishman, I'm very happy that Art's pesto is green. It's so delicious I'd still eat it if it was a different color. Seriously, the Pasta king's food is so good that we keep our children and grandchildren in Memphis and Minneapolis well supplied.

We're fortunate to have a National Food Icon living in Sonoma County. Arturo, you're great."

Tom F., Santa Rosa

From the Farmers Market-

"God makes the pasta, the Pasta King puts the taste in it."

Bill M., Santa Rosa


The pasta was FABULOUS!! Thank you for the donation. You are such a Sonoma County treasure.

Tamara D.
Volunteer Center, Santa Rosa

From the Farmers Market-

"Last night we had the Pasta King's lasagne al pesto, & tonight we're going to have his polenta al sugo. We buy then at Farmers Market and put then in the freezer. Magnifico!"

Edythe B., Santa Rosa

Dear Pasta King,

Thank you so much for being a part of our Relay for Life. Your dinner was wonderful. Everyone told us that they really enjoyed our dinner from Pasta King. We hope you will join us again for Relay 2001.

Much Thanks,

Jan M.
American Cancer Society Relay for Life

From the Farmers Market-

"The Pasta King is the best!."

Satisfied Customer, Santa Rosa

From the Farmers Market-

"The Pasta King is the Best! He has a wonderful crew, awesome food and a great smile. Thanks for all your work to keep us fed and happy!"

Kathleen C., Santa Rosa

Dear Arturo Ibleto "The Past King",

On behalf of Friday Night Lights and Elsie Allen High School, we would like to thank you whole heartedly for donating a full pasta dinner for our Grand Lighting Ceremony at Elsie Allen High School.

Friday Night Lights has been working diligently on the field lights project for 4 years. It has been a long process, going through the legal channels, the selection process and most importantly, raising the funds.

With your help from two pasta dinners, we have raised over $60,000 towards our goal of $140,000. In time we will reach that goal.

Thank you again for your support.


Joe C.
Friday Night Lights
Elsie Allen High School

From the Farmers Market-

"Saturday at the farm market, great food, great friends, thanks for being my friend!"

Tim S., Santa Rosa

From the Farmers Market-

"The Pasta King is the finest of Sonoma County. The Minestrone is numero uno. I like the polenta too. All the food is the finest."

George M., Santa Rosa

From the Farmers Market-

"Arturo, even though he is a King he is more a friend who gives so much it is impossible to give enough to him in return. His food is more delicious because it contains his heart."

Alice W., Santa Rosa

From the Farmers Market-

"Art, the Past King's delicious foods are exceeded only by his gregarious & warm personality. We are lucky to have him and his Italian delicacies in our community."

Frank B., Santa Rosa


From the Farmers Market-

"When I stop at the market it's always after a night shift in S.F. Art always has something warm & wonderful to eat. His peso is the best. All my friends at work (& home) love it, especially my 10 yr old daughter Desirae."

Cheryl M., Santa Rosa

From the Farmers Market-

"My 8-year-old son Shane lives for Art and his pesto at the Saturday morning farmer's market. Thanks Art."

Jill N., Santa Rosa

Many More Testimonials to Come - Art's been
taking his time reading through all of them -
well you know...

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