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Listed are the basic dishes we currently offer and just a few sample menus combining these Italian Specialties. We would be happy to customize a menu for your specific event and price range; we've even been known to create a new dish or two when requested. We also offer delicious foods for those on restricted diets. We love what we do and will work with you to make sure that your event is everything you desire it to be.

~Current Dishes We Offer~

Roast Beef

Barbecued Tri-Tip

Oven Roasted Chicken w/ Potatoes

Italian Meatballs

Pesto, Marinara & Meat Lasagnas

Meat or Vegetable Ravioli

Pesto, Marinara or Meat Sauce with Pasta

Soft Polenta with Ragu

Polenta Lasagna with Pesto

Polenta Lasagna with Meat Sauce

Traditional or Pesto Garlic Bread

Fresh Rolls w/ Butter

Anti-Pasta Trays

Assorted Fresh Vegetable Trays

Fresh Pasta Salad

Mixed Garden Salad w/ herbed vinaigrette

+ The many specialty dishes we can create especially for you

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