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"About us" really means about Arturu Ibleto. Over four decades ago, Art immigrated to the United States from the town of Sesta Godano, Italy. Near *Genoa in the Liguria region of Northern Italy, Sesta Godano is where food is a way of life. In his part of Italy, they grew basil and garlic in the backyard. They'd grind it up with some salt and parmesan cheese. They called it "pesto" because they pounded it.

Why did Art choose to settle in Sonoma County? Because, as he puts it, "it's one of the most beautiful places on earth". Even in the early days, Art's kitchen was a popular place. There was always the aroma of something good coming from the oven or cook top, a bottle of red wine and a fresh loaf of hearty Italian bread on the table. Even back then, Art knew his food could create a warm & happy place for families to gather, just like it did in Italy.

"Garlic is the oldest
medicine in the world.
It cuts down on
cholesterol you know.
You eat garlic,
no problem."

~Art Ibleto

So with much pushing from friends & family to make his food readily available, Art vowed to create simple, hearty, and delicious food , keeping the prices reasonably priced so that everyone could enjoy his authentic Italian cooking. What originally started as a hobby has turned into a Sonoma County institution. Thank you Art.

* Genoa, Italy is widely recognized as the birthplace of Pesto. Click here to read more.

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