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Art recently received quite an honor from the County Board of Supervisors - a Resolution honoring a lifetime of achievements. Since it sort of reads like a biography, we thought this would be the perfect way to share it with you.

Resolution No. 01-0135
Dated: February 6, 2001

of The
Board of Supervisors
of The
County of Sonoma, State of California

Honoring Arturo "Art" Ibleto

WHEREAS, as a young man during World War II in Italy, Art Ibleto joined the underground to fight against Nazi Germany and the Fascists; he served his native country, defending it from the invaders and protecting his family's hometown for four years; with his specialty being demolition, he planted explosives under bridges, railroads and in highway tunnels to hinder the German advance; and

WHEREAS, following the war, Art immigrated to the United States and became an American citizen and eventually settled in Sonoma County, where he worked in the fields picking vegetables, as a mechanic, a truck driver and a factory worker; and

WHEREAS, Art married his wife, Vicki Ghiradelli Ibleto, in 1951 and they bought their first home and acreage in 1961 where they raised hogs and cows and harvested potatoes before moving on the more lucrative ventures of growing Christmas trees and building and renting duplexes; and

WHEREAS, in 1958 Art and Vicki became members of the Sons of Italy, Petaluma Lodge 1518, where Art served in various offices, including two terms as President; he also served as Grand Deputy to the Santa Rosa Lodge for many years, and eventually attained the office of State President in 1995, which he held through 1997. In his leadership roles at the local, state, and national levels, Art has diligently promoted Italian culture, language and cuisine; and

WHEREAS, in 1974 Art started the Spaghetti Palace at the Sonoma Fair as a United Lodges, Sons of Italy project which shortly became the number one vendor at the County fair, a distinction it has sustained through the 1999 season; as a result of the success of the Spaghetti Palace, Art took a new career of supplying local stores with his own line of Italian cuisine and catering special events, bringing him more notability throughout California for his savory dishes and the earned title of the "Pasta King;" and

WHEREAS, Art is now the owner of a vineyard and soon will be shipping wine under the Ibleto Winery label.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors commends Art Ibleto's commitment to his native country and to the Italian-American people in the United States and honor him for many accomplishments and contributions.

Supervisor Michael J. Cale
Supervisor Mike Kerns
Supervisor Paul L. Kelly
Supervisor Mike Reilly
Chairman Tim Smith

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